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Why stocks, bonds, mutual funds and index funds are NOT the best tools to grow wealth for retirement.
 Why using a “balanced” portfolio minimizes investment returns and exposes your investments to too much risk.
Why the average investor has averaged a measly 4.25% over the last 20 years.
How to generate a guaranteed return of between 6%-7% that is coupled with a guaranteed income for life that can never be outlived.
How to avoid capital gains and income taxes in a retirement tool that has no risk of loss (and it’s not a 401(k) plan or IRA).
How to identify with a few simple questions if your current or potential advisors are “bad advisors
And much more vital information you need in order to “retire without risk


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Hello, my name is Blair Schadler and I’m excited to be able to bring to my clients and potential clients the offering you see above. Through a special agreement with the author, attorney Roccy DeFrancesco has allowed me to give away his new Retirement Kit in an e-format on this website.

When you have questions about the content or when you are ready to take the proper steps to grow your wealth, please feel free to e-mail me directly at or give me a call at 949-485-2598.

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Mr. DeFrancesco is an attorney, but he’s really an educator at heart. He is most interested in making sure that the maximum amount of people read his books. His main company is an educational institute where he educates advisors on how to provide the best advice to clients.

He put this retirement kit together primarily so advisors would have the best tools available to educate and motivate clients to take action to protect and grow their wealth. It is for this reason that he has allowed me to provide his free downloads and educational material.

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